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Group or individual classes

With my work experience as a television presenter and reporter, I share techniques and tips to improve how you communicate.
I teach essential tools to acquire confidence and skill in the relationship with the camera
The goal of this coaching is to find out what your needs are, who your audience is, discover your niche, and then, develop your communication in front of the cameras.
Through practice, you learn to communicate better and record great videos.
We will work on the computer, doing exercises and recording texts.
In the end, we will analyze these recordings.


●     Communication today
●     Light and gear (how to improve the quality of your videos and live appearances)
●     Framing, posture and relationship with the camera (tablet, cell phone, computer)
●     Basics of Appearance, Costume, Background
●     Presentation ("Who am I and what do I want")
●     Preparation, planning and practice
●     Video recording
●     Evaluation and feedback of recorded material



“The look, the face, the mouth, the voice. A body posture. Breathing Whether it's television, radio or a face-to-face lecture, everything in a human being communicates - or helps good communication. Even in silence, Domingas Person taught me to equalize the body, face and voice in all their vibrations: bass, medium and treble. And, better than that, without losing my essence or personality. Thanks to this work, today I believe that anyone can communicate efficiently, charismatic and empathically.”

Alexandre Le Voci Sayad

Journalist, educator and writer

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"With Domingas Person, I learned that it's not about text or voice, it's about ESSENCE. Much more than the way of reading or memorizing; it's about LIVING!  

Communication through the camera brings together techniques, exercises, equipment, rehearsal, a lot of dedication and above all an INTERNAL JOURNEY so that it is possible to LIVE the text. Only then is it possible to truly touch people.  

The experience with Domingas has enriched me a lot as a professional and also as a human being. 

Connecting with people through communication is a precious skill to mark our place in this world. That's why I'm so happy to recommend this work."

Luciana Cattony (Co-founder of Maternity Consulting, Master in Strategic Design, TEDx Speaker)


Online Course in Domestika
Presenting on Camera: The Art of Communication

Use the power of video to communicate with the world. 
The art of communicating is an important asset, whether you're in corporate, social media, or the artistic world. Domingas Person, a journalist, actor, and voice over artist, harnesses the power of presenting to communicate on camera in an engaging way. She has interviewed artists from all over the world and hosted live events including The Academy Awards, The GRAMMYs, and Golden Globes.
In this course, she teaches you the skills needed to present and record yourself on video naturally and professionally. Learn how to connect with an audience as Domingas guides you through authentic nonverbal communication and how to structure your speech. Look at lighting, framing, and visuals, as well as developing your personal brand. 


Reviews in Domestika

Excellent training, I love to hear it in each unit, how much security and positive vibes. 

highly recommend! teacher domingas is excellent!! very good content, wonderful teaching!!


About Domingas Person

Journalist, presenter, reporter and voice over artist.

Domingas Person worked in television for 20 years as a presenter and reporter for Telecine, Multishow, Canal Brasil and TV Cultura.

From 2014 to 2019, she was on the cable channel TNT, broadcasting live the most important ceremonies in the Entertainment world such as the Oscars, the Grammys and Miss Universe, among other awards.

Today she is a commentator for Splash UOL, and writes reviews about movie premières on UOL, the largest internet and entertainment content platform in Brazil.


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As a voice over actor, Domingas records commercials, radio and internet spots and audiobooks in Portuguese and English.

She wrote about Cinema for newspaper O Valor and Revista Istoé Gente and won the European Tourism Commission - CET award in 2005.

The course "Communication with the Camera" created by Domingas is on the Domestika platform and has more than 3 thousand students from all over the world online. Her “Presentation Workshop” was held at Barco Centro Cultural and Senac São Paulo, and she acted as a “media trainer” and coach for Natura Cosméticos, giving private lessons to corporate leaders, communicators and other professionals who use the camera as a means of work and communication.

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PodCast: Complex Problems for Curious Minds
Narration: Domingas Person

Complex Problems for Curious Minds is a podcast for those who want to understand more about the current context of the world - and then be able to contribute to a better future. Launched in 2021, it's a celebration for the 30th anniversary of Fundação Estudar, an organization that believes in knowledge as a powerful key to solving today's most complex issues. Questions that need the best and most curious minds.



Available wherever you hear your podcasts

Narration: Domingas Person
Complex Problems is a creation of Fundação Estudar


Narration: Domingas Person

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Muses and Songs: The Woman Behind the Song

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